Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th of july.

yesterday, we piled in cars with friends and headed to blue ridge, texas for a good country time and an amazing fireworks show. :)

the before.
4th of july1

what else would boys do in texas country besides play with guns?
4th of july2

me and ashley.
4th of july3

i forgot to bring a cup for my margarita. so i, luckily (lol), had a sippy in the car.
4th of july4

EJ bought his camping stove. was their food there? of course (brawts, burgers, etc etc). did he want to make his own? uh... yes! and btw, it was freeze dried sweet&sour pork haha and it was phenomenal. no really. i was SHOCKED.
4th of july5

4th of july6

4th of july8

4th of july12

4th of july11

EJ and nathan being nerds.
4th of july9

me and EJ.
4th of july10

ashley brought her rain boots. smart girl.
4th of july7

good thing. bc here is what the sky looked like. then it down-poured.
4th of july13

4th of july14

some of the amazing fireworks show!! :)
4th of july15

4th of july16

smokey lol
4th of july17

EJ and his headlamp packing up stuff back into the car.
4th of july18

we went and picked up the girls at my parents house today. and had delicious food :) sawyer ate her yogurt as a snack ;)
4th of july19

4th of july20

these pics are from friday. EJ and sawyer went to go get pizza. aidan waited.

when they got home, EJ dropped sawyer in as fast as he could and then went back to the car for the pizza. she was drenched haha

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  1. Looks like you had a good time! Good thinking using the sippy