Thursday, July 8, 2010

playdates, veggies, and crafts.

today, aidan and i started our summer alphabet crafts :) we went to hobby lobby (which she calls "loppy loppy") and got a bunch of fun things.

we started with A today (obviously). the back of it has a huge pic of her LOL
letter A1

letter A2

after nap aidan wanted to make monkeys. this is as good as it got LOL
monkey-ish craft1

monkey-ish craft2

monkey-ish craft3

monkey-ish craft4

she was still so tired this morning when i woke her up. at like, 10am.
wake up fish

last night i got out a bunch of veggies. i know sawyer likes to "dip" in things so i let her have some ranch. surprisingly, she loves carrots and cucumbers! yay!
sawyer veggies2

sawyer veggies3

sawyer veggies4

sawyer veggies5

sawyer veggies6

yesterday we had some friends come over and play!!
july 7th1

july 7th2

july 7th3

july 7th4

july 7th5

july 7th6

sawyer was pooped out by the end :)
sawyer veggies1


  1. I recognize that cucumber sangwich.

  2. WTH is that look on my face, lol. Ike had so much fun and napped for like ever :o) Thanks for hosting!!

  3. Her happy cucumber face is awesome!