Thursday, July 1, 2010

reese is 7wks.

yeah, i should have waited til 2 months, but i couldn't help myself today :) reese at 7weeks and 1 day old.

7w1d old1

no, her head still does not fit into my newborn bear hat. ;)
7w1d old2

7w1d old3

this one made me lol
7w1d old4

7w1d old5

7w1d old6

7w1d old7


  1. OMG ***Melt*** to stinking cute!

  2. OMG..That is a beautiful child!

    Love her skin, her eyes, her hat, her teeny mouthg, everything!

  3. So adorable!! I love the funny expressions, especially the one where she looks like she's doing a Bogart pose. Too cute. Great photos!