Saturday, July 17, 2010

sawyer and reese v. the PNP.

after nap today sawyer had some cereal.
boho dress1

boho dress2

boho dress3

boho dress4

after EJ and aidan got home from lowe's (picking up paint samples. thats another story lol) we went into our bedroom and put reese in the PNP.



sawyer wanted in the PNP. badly.
boho dress5

boho dress6

so i moved reese to the bed. LOL

she didnt mind.

so all 22lbs of sawyer had a field day in the PNP. lol
boho dress7

boho dress8

boho dress9

and yes. that is sawyer's fave outfit. "DRESS!!!!" she says.

1 comment:

  1. that is HILARIOUS!!! she almost broke down reese's house ;) and how cute was reese, looking all comfy in your bed, so easy and ready to oblige her sister, cute ;)