Monday, July 12, 2010

sawyer is almost 2.

and thus begins the 2 year picture set. it will be hard. lol she does NOT sit still for the camera. this wkend we are going to downtown dallas for her "real" pics, but i tried to get some today indoors. gah!!
almost 2 indoors1

almost 2 indoors2

almost 2 indoors3

almost 2 indoors4

almost 2 indoors5

almost 2 indoors6

almost 2 indoors7

almost 2 indoors8

almost 2 indoors9

its always easier with other people's kids!! lol

yesterday, i tried pigtails in sawyer's hair. win! please don't mind her outfit - EJ let her dress herself. ;)




last night we played in the sprinkler. everyone was still cranky. lol
kinda cranky1

this ugly face is bc she had grass on her feet. sigh.
kinda cranky2

aidan had fun after a while ;)
kinda cranky3

(yes these pics are bigger. thanks to the new flickr, im moving up to this size)


  1. Loving Sawyer's pigtails :)I had to smile at the grass on her feet expression.

  2. If I had that outfit i would totally wear it...everywhere!!

    question where did you get the little brown and tourquise (sp?) dress she is wearing in the first set? I love it!!