Sunday, July 25, 2010

sawyer's official 2 year shoot.

downtown mckinney yesterday late afternoon. :) as you can see - she is teething. LOL heaven help her hands in her mouth!

you can see the whole set HERE.

but here are a few of my faves.
sawyer 2 year1

sawyer 2 year2

sawyer 2 year5

sawyer 2 year9

sawyer 2 year11

sawyer 2 year14

sawyer 2 year15

sawyer 2 year16

sawyer 2 year18

sawyer 2 year19

sawyer 2 year21

sawyer 2 year22

sawyer 2 year24

sawyer 2 year25

sawyer 2 year27


  1. These are beautiful...seriously. And I loved them all and then I got to the end - GORGEOUS! Your babies photograph so beautifully.

  2. These are probably some of the best pictures you've ever taken. I LOVE them! (:

    I also can't believe she's two. TWO. I mean how did that happen?? =P

    Also, crazy thought here - do you realize in just one year she'll be A's age, A will be 4.6, R will be 14 months, and you'll probably be KU with #4. Talk about crazy!

  3. thanks so much guys :)

    and LOL to anon!!!

  4. You did always. And that last pic *GASP* Take my breath away!