Monday, July 26, 2010

wkend and early wake up.

yesterday, david came over :)
with david

sawyer's teeth hurt so we gave her a popscicle. annnnd then she put it in her hair.
popscicle hair

aidan was in a MOOOOOD and all she wanted to do was sit in stella's cage LOL sawyer proceeded to torture her ;)
torturing aidan

this morning we had to wake up early bc aidan has VBS this week :) she was excited!
bandaid head1

she has had a bandaid on her head bc she bumped it like 3 days ago haha it seems as if she might be allergic to whatever is on the adhesive.
bandaid head2

reese had a cute outfit on today ;)


  1. That picture of Reese is ADORABLE! I want to nom her cheeks

  2. thanks guys <3

    now that im finally putting in the effort to DRESS reese - instead of just onesies.... ;)

  3. LOL @ S putting the popsicle in her hair. Also, R looks like such a big girl sitting like that! Holy cow!

    And what ever happened to the weight loss posts you were going to keep up? ):

  4. Hahah ohhh ill do that tomorrow. Good call :)

  5. aidan and i might be twins. i'm allergic to stupid bandaid glue too. what a random thing to be allergic too.

    oh, and i hang out in dog cages. as you do! ;)

  6. haha C. im allergic to latex and nickel.

    NICKEL?!?! i mean, cmon - i have to put a (non-latex lol) bandaid over the back of pants buttons.