Tuesday, August 3, 2010

birthday wkend and photoshoots.

so saturday i had 2 shoots (you can check my other blog for those). aidan helped me set up ;)

here's a pullpack for a newborn shoot.
newborn set up1

and aidan tried putting scooze in the nest LOL
newborn set up2

sunday was a BUSY busy day :) first and foremost it was EJ and sawyer's bday parties! you can see the rest of the pics on my facebook, but here are a couple -
2nd bday partyI

EJ looks like a magoo here ;)
2nd bday partyH

2nd bday partyG

aidan and her bestie.
2nd bday partyF

sawyer and her fruit loops. thanks ash!
2nd bday partyE

skydiving cake! haha 2 and 28.
2nd bday partyD

2nd bday partyC

2nd bday partyB

some cards.
2nd bday partyA

AFTER the party - i headed to the airport to see ian!! :) he had just come back from a tour with the navy :)

someone brought balloons but they ended up on the ceiling!





(i have more - those were just a few...)

yesterday EJ stayed home from work. we didnt do much. aidan was a silly face in a box from the party ;)
in a box1

in a box2

this morning aidan took a shower with me - then i put her hair up like mine!
hair wash1

hair wash2

"make it straight" (which btw is like, impossible)
hair wash3

hair wash4

hair wash5

(dont mind the random paint on the walls. we were/are still deciding. but its not going to be that blue/gray - we have yellowish samples on the other walls LOL)

today was sawyer's 2 year appt.

height: 34.5" (70%)
weight: 21 lbs (<1%)
head: 18.5? inches

she is little. we are gonna see why by testing poops. LOL should be a fun few days ;)


  1. Love the pics! Especially of the one w/ A looking into the mirror and looking mighty unhappy, LOL.

    Also, holy sh!t, 21 lbs?? I know of a 6 mo. old that weighs three pounds less than S. =P Skinny mini!

  2. My son just turned two and was only 23 and my 10 month old is 19 lbs. Each child is different right?! :) Love the pics

  3. I wouldn't worry about saywer! My 2 and half year old bounces between 22-24 lbs. Some times they are just little. :)