Monday, August 9, 2010

busy. whoa.

so i have had a busy wkend. sat and sunday's pictures are on my *other* blog ;) or check out my flickr.

friday. i tried to put a clip in sawyer's hair.
hair clip1

i love this face.
hair clip2

hair clip3

today we brought reese upstairs while we cleaned aidan's room. aidan gave her "baby scooze" and then she fell asleep. lol not any of the noise while cleaning even bothered her.
nap in aidans bed1

nap in aidans bed2


  1. I love that blanket, we have it in blue...for reasons unknown. I need it in pink!!

  2. How cute. Her sleeping through the cleaning amazes me, mine likes to keep an eye on his siblings, lol.