Thursday, August 26, 2010

cant get over.

the sisterly love in this house.

well sawyer just LOVES to hold her. begs to. this was tuesday.
cuddle time6

cuddle time7

she was trying to get reese to bite her lol
cuddle time8

cuddle time9

and we found aidan asleep like this. i, naturally, ran and got my camera. a cell phone pic didnt cut it lol
footie PJs

wednesday (and tues actually) i had shoots - check my ASP/GP blog for that ;)

today - more love. and lesson learned - balancing your butt on the edge of the couch and teetering leads to out of focus pics. damnit, too. bc i freaking love some of these.
cuddle time1

cuddle time2

cuddle time3

cuddle time4

cuddle time5

and a great EASY craft. take 5 or however many popscicle sticks, put a piece of tape on the back, color a pic on them, take the tape away, and now you have a puzzle!



i got a fabulous hat from had aidan show it off today ;)
etsy hat1

etsy hat2

etsy hat3


  1. I bet that etsy seller will love these. They're super cute.

  2. Awe these are adorable! Love the black and white of Reece and Sawyer, so stinkin cute! Great craft idea, we used a photo and mod podge then cut apart but that gets messy.

  3. Love all the pics...Reese is getting so big!

  4. wow! I love that last one of Aidan is beautiful Well, they're all beautiful (as always) but that last one really catches me....I don't know just does. Love love love:) (and I'm so going to figure out how to make a hat like that cute!)

  5. thank you guys <3

    and have fun lindsay! i wish i could knit or crochet or something. gah!

  6. I agree that the b/w of S and R is just lovely. :)

    I noticed in some of the pics of A though - does she -still- have a mark on her forehead from that bandaid?? My God! :P

  7. LOL no no. thats a NEW bandaid mark. she found one, stuck it on there, and sigh - glue mark.

  8. Wow! The last picture of Aidan is AMAZING!
    Your work keeps getting better and better!

  9. Aidan looks like a gap kids model! Those girlies have some good genes! :)