Tuesday, August 31, 2010

outside and sweet faces.

last night we played outside in the sprinkler.
aug 30 sprinkler1

aug 30 sprinkler2

aug 30 sprinkler3

aug 30 sprinkler4

aug 30 sprinkler5

aug 30 sprinkler6

aug 30 sprinkler7

this morning i took a few funnies.
yellow bow1

yellow bow2

sawyer doing her high pitched holler. whoa.

reese playing :)
happy seat

and i forgot these the other night. these are from 8/27 :)


oh, and here was SAWYER in the same "pose" lol

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  1. Adorable! In one picture I see Aidan in Reese, the next minute I see Sawyer. Ah!