Sunday, August 15, 2010

silly faces and cobalt gets a bath.

thursday - check my ASP/GP blog for an adorable 3 month old ;)

friday -

the girls had some sherbert.

and sawyer woke up and wanted to play late ;)
up late

yesterday -

hilarious trials with mr. potato head glasses lol
mr potato head glasses1

mr potato head glasses2

today -

aidan, while we were upstairs shooting photos of a precious 6 month old (other blog)
purple hat

outside tonight!
crazy faces1

crazy faces2

then we gave cobalt a bath. LOL oh it was funny.
cobalt bath1

cobalt bath2

cobalt bath3

cobalt bath4

cobalt bath5

cobalt bath6

sawyer didnt want to be best friends.
cobalt bath7


  1. such sweet photos! i had to laugh at all the silly faces ;)

  2. That is a good withstand a bath with the girls. Cute pictures.

  3. I just love their red curls! so adorable!