Sunday, August 22, 2010

the wkend.

today we went to target with my mom and got some funny shirts for aidan ;)
new tees1

new tees3

new tees4

some of sawyer.
new tees5

new tees6

nathan got EJ this shirt. i literally el oh el'd.
new tees2

then we played with reese for her tummy time.
belly fun3

belly fun2

belly fun1

yesterday i had a boudoir shoot ;) i'll post some blog appropriate pics on the ASP/GP site later.

so i tried to play with BBF (see my photopunk blog for that) on friday.

honestly, its not me. you can see by these pics that they are much more OOF than they would be if i did my normal "focus/recompose" method. anyway, these are from friday :)
couch love1

couch love2

couch love3

couch love4

couch love5

ew. this one is bad.
couch love6

couch love7

pink onesie1

pink onesie2

funny aidan.

laying with daddy

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