Saturday, September 4, 2010

animated aidan.

if you ever wonder "wow, aidan looks so animated in pics! i wonder if she's like that in real life...." you dont have to wonder anymore. the songs she makes up.... oh dear heavens. this first one is about a rocket ship? which the only one she's seen IRL was in FL so she was obviously in love with it.

three disclaimers:

1. want to know how fast some kids grow? that PJ shirt aidan is wearing was too big about 6 months ago. (she loves ariel, so if you want to try to convince her to give sawyer that shirt now.. go ahead. you'll lose).

2. curly headed children need their hair product immediately after water hits it. lol she took a shower and then we went to the gameroom to play while we cleaned. and i didnt put her curl stuff in it - do you see how frizzy it gets? a straight haired mom should never be allowed to deal with curly headed kids ;)

3. the space heater/beanbag thing is my newborn set up (well sort of) that ive needed up for a bit :)

ok enjoy.

and pics from today. aidan had sawyer help her open the back door - which was impossible bc it was flip locked on top. lol
door grab1

door grab2

door grab3


  1. oh. my. goodness. she is adorable and needs to be in movies or commercials or something! and why did they ever make the abc's with such a hard middle part? lmnop. haha

  2. hahaha i know! i think she says "elmo n-o-p". poor kids!

  3. She is absolutely adorable! Her personality just shines on video!

  4. I like how you get a little hint of a southern twang every now and then. "Twankle, twankle little star.." in the second video!