Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bows and apple cookies.

we got a TON of fabulous bows from jess! the girls were so excited on monday, they wore them while they played playdoh.

bows and playdoh

yesterday, our fabulous friend kristi gave sawyer some gluten free apple cookies that she had found at the store - sawyer LOVES them :)
apple cookies1

apple cookies2

apple cookies3

apple cookies4

apple cookies5

today after nap we played with jess' bows again. im trying to get some orange background halloween shots of them all... slowly... here's some of aidan.

1. look how long her hair is.
2. sorry i wanted to see how the orange took to different processing ;) so thats why they look differnt.

halloween bow1

halloween bow2

halloween bow3

halloween bow4

and one of reese in a cute bow :)
pink and bow1

and the ONLY one i could get of sawyer. ;)
bow and baby


  1. i love the orange! a burnt copperish color is my favorite to wear ... i bet they would look great in that color too!

  2. i always worry about getting "too close" to their hair when i put them in clothes. haha so thats why they are in a lot of blues/greens sometimes.

  3. blues/greens look best with red heads! i have hazel eyes though so maybe it's different with blue eyed red heads. my sister has their coloring. blue is her color :) how do they look in a copperish brown? i bet that would be pretty too!

  4. im a huge fan of browns on them. i dont know why - maybe it just makes their hair look that much more red? lol

  5. exactly! i think navy and forest green have the same effect. red heads are so fun to dress :)

  6. First, those pics of A make her look like a total flower child in the best possible way, LOL. She totally looks like a little hippie! She also reeally looks like a big kid now. I can't see any toddler in her at all!

    Reese could not be any cuter, I could nom nom those cheeks all day, aaand the "only" shot you got of Sawyer is great. :) I love the processing on it, and her side eye, lol.

  7. Awe I love my girls! I'm so glad Sawyer liked her snacks. Love the orange background! All three of them are just super cute.

  8. anon! youre killing me! she's still my baby! lol

    and thank you <3

  9. I love the processing on the 2nd orange. love!