Saturday, September 11, 2010

camping trip.

so thursday afternoon, EJ and i left for a camping trip. just the 2 of us. in arkansas. i'll explain the WHOLE trip (in detail haha) on my PV3 blog later :) but here are some of the pics.

you can see the whole set HERE.

sept 2010 camping1

look at this huge bag compared to mine. lol
sept 2010 camping4

sept 2010 camping5

sept 2010 camping7

sept 2010 camping8

right on the water.
sept 2010 camping9

sept 2010 camping12

went to the "grocery store" (haha if you can call it that) for some necessities.
sept 2010 camping13

sept 2010 camping15

sept 2010 camping18

friday morning, i ran to the bath house and took a shower. aaaaand did my hair. by the time i got down to camp, my hair was no longer straightened. sigh. humidity.
sept 2010 camping19

don't judge. this shiz is awesome. lol
sept 2010 camping21

sept 2010 camping24

then we went to the crater state diamond mines - to find our own diamonds. duh.
sept 2010 camping25

gotta sift through.
sept 2010 camping27

sept 2010 camping29

EJ out digging for more.
sept 2010 camping31

hot and sweaty. oh! and sunburned! yay! and the lady who took our pic, got me mid
"talk" lol
sept 2010 camping33

sept 2010 camping34

sept 2010 camping35

sept 2010 camping37

bad pic, but this was the space in the tent ;) light provided by my headlamp - DUH!
sept 2010 camping38

we were going to stay a lot longer. but i'll explain that on the other blog later ;)


  1. I hope you guys still managed to have some fun. Im loving the B&W.

  2. omg yes we had a blast. when the sun was out. LOL

  3. oh my word. I never realized how much of a mini me Sawyer is. She has that exact scrunched face expression EJ gave above!