Saturday, September 11, 2010

FDOS 2010.

aidan now is in preschool (M/T/R) and sawyer is in MDO (T/R) - and their first day was last thursday.

fwiw, they dont have "backpacks" bc, well, they won't wear them (unless its the tiny ones) and i cant fit any of their stuff in the tiny ones. so they pick out bags that i can carry on the stroller :)

2010 FDOS1

2010 FDOS2

2010 FDOS3

2010 FDOS4

aidan's bestie.
2010 FDOS5

2010 FDOS6

2010 FDOS7

2010 FDOS8

2010 FDOS9

2010 FDOS10

her #1. scooze-dog.
2010 FDOS11

2010 FDOS12

with mrs. allie.
2010 FDOS13

her first assignment lol see sawyer playing in the background? haha
2010 FDOS14

2010 FDOS15

walking to sawyer's class.
2010 FDOS16

2010 FDOS17

2010 FDOS18

bye bye daddy.
2010 FDOS19

i dont have any pics of sawyer INSIDE the classroom because they didnt really want us in - to curb the tears. lol

they had a great first day of the year! can't wait to go back next week!


  1. I love them all!! Sawyer playing in the background of Aidans!

  2. such precious pictures! did they pick out their outfits?