Thursday, September 16, 2010

holiday trials and hat day.

so yesterday we woke sawyer up after nap...
silly wake up1

silly wake up2

silly wake up3

and then got out some fun dresses so i could do holiday trials to add to my photog FB page lol

you can see that they are trials since, well, they have on silly bandz. and bc there's only a few haha PLUS, they'll be getting xmas dresses (and i'll include reese, of course)
holiday trials1

holiday trials2

holiday trials3

then aidan found her halloween costume from last year. haha
holiday trials4

my mom made us some fennel-free sketti sauce (check HERE to find out why) and they looooved it. paired with some gluten free pasta, it was great! thanks mom!


today was HAT DAY at school! yay!
hat day1

she's laughing, btw.
hat day2

they are conniving.
hat day3

look at that fake smile haha
hat day4

sawyer with her backpack (bigger than her) and her bottle for the morn - bc, well, it has meds in it - and i know she'll drink it if its in a bottle.
hat day5

hat day6

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