Sunday, September 26, 2010

park day and good/bad edits.

sawyer was so mad that i made her switch shoes and take her flip flops off - that she carried them around lol
9-26 park1

9-26 park2

9-26 park3

9-26 park4

9-26 park5

9-26 park6

haha she did this pose on her own!
9-26 park7

9-26 park8

9-26 park9

9-26 park10

i love this one of aidan jumping - so i tried b&w and color.
9-26 park11

9-26 park12

9-26 park13

ehhhh this one came out so so so wrong. but i love her eyes.
9-26 park14

9-26 park15

i dont like this edit either, but i am not a good sunflare person lol its not my "thing"
9-26 park16

9-26 park17

oh. and our oven caught on fire tonight ;) just wanted to bookmark that so i remember later.

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