Sunday, September 12, 2010

reese is 4 months old.

well yesterday. but here's some we took today :)
reese 4 mo1

reese 4 mo2

reese 4 mo3

ehhh what?
reese 4 mo4

reese 4 mo5

reese 4 mo6

reese 4 mo7

reese 4 mo8

reese 4 mo9

reese 4 mo10

last night sawyer came down a little late and ate. again. nuggets i think. bc im 99% sure that is ketchup on her face. lol
after hours1

after hours2

she likes to pretend reese is biting her. lol
after hours3


  1. Reeses 4 month photos are stunning of course and Sawyer and Reese together is too cute for words.

    **I am sending you a award on my blog for your awesomeness.

  2. Reese is scrumptious. and I love how more and more of Sawyer's personality is coming out every day.

  3. Love all of the 4 month pictures of Reese. She is adorable, and you got some GREAT shots!