Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sandy, annie, and ice cream.

yesterday, i found this in the freezer. who the heck bought it? lol well, its delicious.
ice cream1

ice cream2

uh-oh, daddy came home!! haha
ice cream3

"leave us be."
ice cream4

today, sawyer got her puppy (sandy) costume in the mail!!
sandy 1st round1

sandy 1st round2

no, i cant explain this. sawyer's naked baby. aidan in half of her outfit. where's reese?
sandy 1st round3

add your own dialogue to these. lol
sandy 1st round4

sandy 1st round5

sandy 1st round6

sandy 1st round7

sandy 1st round8

sandy 1st round9

sandy 1st round10

and some headshots of aidan from the other day.
annie first round1

annie first round2

annie first round3

annie first round4

annie first round5

fingers crossed that i get pics of all 3 soon :)


  1. I LOOOOOOOOVE their costumes! Can't wait to see the trio all done up :)

  2. LOL I always love your posts, but I really love this one. The photo of Aiden and Sawyer together...Sawyer with that naked baby doll...LOVE IT. And Aiden as Annie in the next to last shot...too cute. Her expressions are priceless.

  3. cute! And holy cow that black and white one of Aidan is BEAUTIFUL! Put that baby on canvas- STAT!

  4. Love these pictures! LOVE these red-heads. (I have two myself, and I'm sure my babies will be curly when it gets a bit longer.)

    Great shots!

  5. OMG........That is TOO CUTE! So, what will Reese be?

  6. haha reese will be daddy warbucks ;)

    and thanks guys!! i hope to get all 3, somehow, this week.

  7. Wow, that is saad on my part - I JUST now got it. Annie. The dog. DOH self, DOH.

    Also, high-freaking-five on having their costumes all go together. When I see kids/families all with different costumes I get twitchy, lol.

  8. that one in black and white - oh my gosh! ridiculously gorgeous! that should be her gap entry :)