Monday, September 27, 2010

sawyer's park day.

i decided to take sawyer to a new photo location and try it out. reese came too lol, but she was sleeping :)

plano park1

plano park2

had to fix her nail. dear lord if she'd SIT to get them clipped.... sigh.
plano park3

silly girl.
plano park4

fussing to take her shoes off lol
plano park5

plano park6

what a magoo.
plano park7

plano park8

plano park9


  1. love those pictures! she is so pretty :)

  2. Oh my god, look at all that hair! I mean about time, lamo, but hair! And a lot of it! :P

    I also skipped back to Sept./Oct. of last year to compare, and there is definitely a biig difference. Like Army Buzz to mop of hair, lol.

    Oh, and great photos once again. They're so bright!