Saturday, October 30, 2010

bathtime and cards.

on thursday, aidan and sawyer opened their halloween cards from nonny ;)

sawyer wasnt happy after nap lol look at those sleep lines :)
halloween cards2

pardon aidan's new xmas PJs.
halloween cards1

halloween cards3

open it!
halloween cards4

halloween cards5

halloween cards6

aidan loves hers!
halloween cards7

so silly.
halloween cards8

halloween cards9

thumbs up, nonny!
halloween cards10

then, we took back pics. LOL they love the water.
bath splash2

bath splash3

bath splash4

bath splash1

bath splash5

bath splash6

bath splash7

oh, and no. we havent finished painting the bathroom. like 90% done. we uh, moved to other rooms. bc we hate the color and have to re-paint the WHOLE THING. KILLLLL MEEEE!!!

and i lied. we didnt have the kids friday night. so i got myself mixed up. i dont have any pics from friday on my dslr. but ahhh my and EJ's camera phones!!

david has those glasses, but EJ... well... those are our 3-d glasses (we saw jackass) with the lenses popped out. our table was a riot ;)
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me in david's glasses. um. tipsy.
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david lol
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  1. Love the bathtub pictures. Great photos of the water! And the kids really pop against the white background.