Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my little pumpkins, reese food, and aidan.

i want to enter this first pic for the trendy treehouse's PUMPKIN contest this week :)

reese pumpkins1

see more entries here!


ive seen this done all over and decided "hey, lets try it!!"
reese pumpkins2

reese pumpkins3




reese had her first bite of food last night. squash. in all actuality, i hate baby food feeding, but we were bored lol

its likely she wont have it again for at least another month. lol its so messy. and such a pain. there's more on my flickr, but here's a few.

first food1

first food3

first food5

first food6

aidan yesterday. i normally would not post all of these, but her faces... lol
wild things1

wild things2

wild things3

wild things4

wild things5

wild things6

wild things7


  1. Such a beautiful clan! Happy Harvesting!

  2. Lovely!
    #'s 1,2,4 and the last are my favorites!

  3. cute! and I'm doing the pumpkin thing too---- because everyone is doing it, right?!

  4. such little cuties! and the first image is just the greatest! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Love the 1st one!! Reese eating food is to funny NOT to do it. She looks like she LOVED it. And of course the last one of Aidan is to die for.

    Oh, Rachel just walked in and said "hey, thats a wild things shirt. She can be my friend"

  6. Those pumpkin shots are so clever! Awesome!

  7. That first picture is HYSTERICAL!!! I'll be chuckling all morning! :)