Friday, October 22, 2010

new oven and lake day.

we today we went to my parents cabin :) it was so much fun!! the girls just swooned over the water, nature, everything...

you can see the whole set HERE.

aidan and her binoculars. lol
oct10 lake2

oct10 lake3

oct10 lake5

reese in the PNP.
oct10 lake8

chillin on a deck.
oct10 lake9

the canoe! EJ and i went out (lol. dont laugh. i did great!) and then the girls wanted to pretend.
oct10 lake11

oct10 lake13

oct10 lake16

oct10 lake17

my dad pulling them in. lol
oct10 lake20

trying to both sit in a 1 person kayak.
oct10 lake21

oct10 lake22

oct10 lake23

EJ going out.
oct10 lake24

reese loving the fresh air!
oct10 lake25

sawyer relaxing.
oct10 lake27

yay!! (aidan smudged it lol)
oct10 lake28

the drive home.

oct10 lake29

oct10 lake32

oct10 lake30

oct10 lake33

sleepy baby. and, please remember, sawyer NEVER falls asleep in the car. ever.
oct10 lake31

oct10 lake34

our new oven came yesterday. woot!
new oven

costume day was yesterday at school too :)
costume day

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Love the pictures!