Wednesday, October 13, 2010

reese is 5 months old.

(im entering a reminder to myself here to put her 4 month stats in which i dont think i did)

*pics from yesterday on my gingersnap blog :)*

aidan rocking with her baby minnie.
A and minnie1

this is how she chills all the time.
reese 5 mo1

reese 5 mo2

laughing at aidan.
reese 5 mo3

getting her puke/drool. lol
reese 5 mo4

reese 5 mo9

lol lounging again.
reese 5 mo5

pretty girl.
reese 5 mo6

reese 5 mo7

reese 5 mo8

and aidan singing today. sort of. she rushes her songs LOL so she skips some words to get through it. even thought SHE was the one who wanted to sing them. lol secondly, i have no idea why my voice is so low on videos. haha its like im trying to be quiet. my voice is a lot higher IRL. ;)


  1. I can't believe Reese is almost half a year old already - geeez! I think my favorite pic(s) though were actually the ones of Aidan cleaning up Reese. She just looked so sweet and sisterly doing it! :)

    Also, all the pics of R just confirmed that you birth the same babies on different days. :P Blue eyes, little to no hair, pale as the moon. And adorable - can't forget that. ;)