Tuesday, November 9, 2010

give a kid a camera.

and they will take funny pics. lol

i set my camera on a chair and let sawyer and aidan press the button. aidan isn't bad. she can focus/recompose. sawyer is a habitual continuous shooter LOL anyway - im leaving these comp'd how they were in camera. just to show the behind the scenes fun ;)

oh and go ahead and quit judging my outfit. or rather, summer dress with comfy black pants under it. or the mismatched blacks. QUIT IT!
kids and camera1

kids and camera2

kids and camera3

kids and camera4

i look high. or tired. lol
kids and camera5

kids and camera6

kids and camera7

kids and camera8

and reese. yesterday. nom. nom. nom.
chew toy1

chew toy2

chew toy3

chew toy4

chew toy5

chew toy6


  1. I love that you let them take photos with your camera! :)

  2. OMG...that is nothing but pure awesome. I need to let Rachel play sometime. :)