Monday, November 15, 2010

horrible lighting, snapshots, and noise.

friday: aidan hanging out before i had a shoot.

a pullback shot (sort of). at least the windows/paper idea. and i have no idea why that curtain is hanging up there. lol
pullback paper1

sat: aidan's best buddy's bday party :) sadly, chuck-e-cheese is probably the worst light ive even encountered. they look like cell pics. lol





sunday: went over to my parents house for dinner. my gma was in town so we all (my parents, us, andrew/nik/rylan) took pics :) um. i had been drinking. sorry about the dropped focus and limb chops ;)
gma m1

my dad and EJ. lol they are twins.
gma m2

gma m3

gma m4

gma m5

gma m6

gma m7

gma m8

today: aidan's fingerfood feast at school!! she sang songs, dressed like an indian, and had lunch with me :) all in a horribly lit room LOL
fingerfood feast2

fingerfood feast4

before the show! find aidan! lol
fingerfood feast5

show lights! haha
fingerfood feast6

this goes to show you that even if you are NOT using your onboard flash (ew. which im not) - some lights can LOOK like pinlights.
fingerfood feast7

if THIS doesn't prove to you that i need to wear eye makeup, i dont know what does. i had come from the gym, showered there, and forgot it. GRRRRR...
fingerfood feast8

fingerfood feast9

fingerfood feast10

and as always, check out the GP blog for my newest sessions :)

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  1. I love the picture of you and your daughter, even if you are sans eye make-up. I have the same problem - blonde brows that you can't see. Lurve my Sonya Kashuk brow powder.