Sunday, November 7, 2010

randoms and sisterly love.


aidan's sheets needed washing so i took them down in the morn. i knew she wasnt going to sleep at nap so i didnt do her bed again, yet. um. so she took the mattress off and played. after nap, sawyer and i went in LOL
bed off frame1

sawyer in EJ's shoes after bath.
daddy's shoes1

A and R love on thurs.
pink smiles1

pink smiles2

friday. my new shoes. lol ok ok slippers. whatevs.

saturday. aidan tried my glasses on.

she didnt like them. lol

more A and R love today while EJ was getting sawyer in the car. i had to take a pic. lol
black and white shirt1

new outfit thanks to a fabulous friend ;)
black and white shirt2

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