Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving wkend.

the 23rd. we tried giving reese solids again. boy does she hate them. LOL




sawyer and aidan cuddling.


24th. my xmas tree. which has been up for, like, a week btw.
tree 2010

thanks to a friend on my photopunk blog -- i did that easily!

thanksgiving day. at our house. like 13 or 14 people? i dont remember, but it was so fun!! EJ made the turkey and potatoes and everyone else brought sides and dessert. it was delish and a ball!




it was freezing. hence the jacket. but she wanted a popscicle.

25th. we bought a new microwave to match the new oven. EJ made a lot of noise drilling lol
box love1

then they played in the box.
box love2

box love3

box love4

more cuddles.
box love5

(oh!! and thanks to pam at Pieces of You Photography (like herrrr!!) for my new watermark. and logo. which will be debuting on my NEW WEBSITE coming soon!!)

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