Saturday, December 4, 2010


so i wanted to have a pic of something cool for 500. its true. but alas, i got nothing LOL but this is my 500th blog post! YAY!! :)

so here goes.


sawyer's bedhead.

two friends hanging on the couch.


aidan went to her friend's bday party. they went to sugar&spice where they got to pick out princess dresses, get their hair done, get a crown, do eyeshadow, glitter, nails painted, and lipgloss, then do crafts, have a runway show... aaackkkk so fun!! here are a few ;) the rest are on flickr.

princess party2

princess party4

princess party6

princess party8

princess party9

princess party10

princess party11

princess party13

princess party14

they had karaoke. although aidan doesn't know hannah montana songs. she could get DOWN to train, mike posner, kesha, or the soundtrack to annie, though.
princess party16

runway show. aidan's shy. lol she ran.
princess party23

princess party30

tea party.
princess party31

princess party32

after bed, sawyer snuck down for a snack. we didnt know if they'd like sherbert but we got some a while ago. EJ made sawyer a bowl. sawyer had other ideas on what to use as a bowl. poor EJ got stuck with the pink thing.
ice cream1

and for my pic from today -- a cell pic of our re-arranged office/dining room :) we have a GORGEOUS pottery barn table, but with little kids, we dont want to ruin it by eating on it LOL so we moved it against the wall, got stuff from ikea to protect it and for organization and now have 2 spots for computers. i can't wait til we have a designated spot for both in our next house. and when our kids are older and i'll let them touch this table ;)
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