Monday, December 20, 2010

aidan is 4.

omg. hit me with a ton of bricks. i have a 4 year old :cry:

aidan is the most loving, sweetest, caring, sassy, 'tude-filled, beautiful 4 year old i know.

friday was her party. :) i'll spare you most of the opening gift pics lol

pre-party meltdown.
4th bday1

her adooorable cookies thanks to my SIL's mom :)
4th bday2

hyped for squinkies.
4th bday6

aidan had a tangled cake. so she was giggly about the shirt marty sent her ;)
4th bday11

4th bday14

wanted her watch on asap!
4th bday17

thumbs up?
4th bday21

nathan waiting for my mom to decide how she liked the buffalo dip ;)
4th bday22

the cake aidan begged for. sigh.
4th bday24

4th bday26

ashley had to do some work. reese helped her.
4th bday27

4th bday28

4th bday31

we were lucky enough to have matt and the boys (anthony and aiden) come down for the week (missed you, marty!)
4th bday29

a few snaps with aidan that night. they are underexposed. bc i let EJ figure it out. sigh.

let me explain her clothes to you. i can swap 95% of her PJs over to sawyer with no problem. except for a few. one of them being this ariel shirt. we *all* know how small it is on her, but until she cant fit her arms in it -- its hers. she's damn keeping it.
4th bday34

4th bday35

4th bday36

like every bday of years past for all my kids, we woke aidan up with song. lmao. you can see she had been, um, playing (okay making a mess) for a few mins ;)

you can also see how gross and matter of fact 4 year olds are. LOL

when i got her dressed and downstairs, we took some silly pics.
4th bday37

4th bday39

4th bday40

4th bday41

4th bday43

then we went and got her a mani/pedi. hands and toes match ;)
4th bday44

4th bday45

aidan's stats: sort of. meaning i measured lol

about 39-40" tall. 36-37 lbs.

i love you, booger face <3


  1. Love her video!!!

    Gav is practically her same size ;)

  2. hahaha!

    its funny bc she *seems* so big since sawyer is so much smaller. lol then i remember she's not even 4 and 40lbs!

  3. I love that of all the places she could pick on her b-day she wants to go to Target! A girl after my own heart!

  4. Wow, she's a peanut!

    I almost turned our store's version of that cake into cake wrecks. :P At least the non-plastic hair on yours actually kind of looks like an extension of the rest. :)

  5. Aw, I can't believe Aidan is four!

    And that's some crazy hair Sawyer. ;) Lol.

  6. I just measured Gav. He's 40" tall. He's not quite 31 lbs yet though. He'll be 3 in February :)