Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas fun.

ahhh so christmas morning, we got the girls dressed upstairs and then they raced down to see if santa had eaten the cookies. OF COURSE he did (i told you they were EJ's fave). then they saw their presents from santa :) santa brings the 2-3 things that you SPECIFICALLY asked for in this house LOL magical...

xmas toys1

xmas toys2

xmas toys3

xmas toys4

xmas toys5

xmas toys6

xmas toys7

xmas toys8

xmas toys9

xmas toys10

then we went over to my parents to open gifts there :) and have DELICIOUS food! it was a very nice quiet lunch - i just love them!

phew!! the amazing stuff from my parents!!
xmas toys11

xmas toys12

sawyer playing with my dad lol
xmas toys13

xmas toys14

sawyer playing with JoJo, the hide and seek bunny!!! so fun!
xmas toys15

xmas toys16

xmas toys17

yesterday, before we went to the mall (haha - it actually wasnt so busy!), aidan wanted me to put her new hair stuff in! they are so cute. lol
xmas toys20

xmas toys21

playing in the gameroom yesterday afternoon with new toys.
xmas toys22

xmas toys23

xmas toys24

xmas toys25

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