Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fun-filled week.

ETA: reese had her dr appt on monday for 6.5 mo (oops missed 6mo) her stats were ---

weight - 15lbs 2oz (22? %ile)
height - 27" (80 something %ile)
head - i dont remember but it was small. surprisingly. LOL

my sweet babies today.
field sisters1

field sisters2

field sisters3

field sisters4

field sisters5

then sawyer fell down the slide. sigh.
eye cut1

aidan took care of her. and wore a sympathy band-aid.
kitchen sisters2

yesterday i caught sawyer cleaning the floor with a baby wipe. lol

monday, they were excited about making smoothies.
kitchen sisters1

kitchen sisters1

the blender is too loud for sawyer ;)
kitchen sisters1


  1. In the picture before the last one, A & S together, S looks JUST like you!

  2. lol these make me laugh! I love the sympathy band aid. What a good big sister :)

  3. Oh my gosh... the second pic of Sawyer. I die. And poor girl with her eye cut! Love the pic of Aidan taking care of her on the couch. Precious.

  4. you have the cutest pictures EVER :) I envy your eye for the camera.

  5. heather -- you think so?! haha
    kristen -- she is. aidan kept saying her eye hurt lol
    liz -- <3
    lindsey -- thank you!! :)