Friday, December 24, 2010

leading up to christmas.

so we got a package the yesterday from gpa mark and gma liz :) look at these cute outfits (reese got one, too - plus jackets that youll see in the next pics)

xmas week1

xmas week2

xmas week3

xmas week4

today we decided to give aidan and sawyer the train set we got them :) EJ built it during naptime...

aidan was hyped!
xmas week5

xmas week6

xmas week8

xmas week9

we made cookies for santa this evening ;) they *happened* to be EJ's fave!
xmas week10

xmas week11

xmas week12

thumbs up!
xmas week13

then i sent them all to take a bath -- after that, i took reese up to bed. but snapped a few pics in our new hat from renee ;)
xmas week14

xmas week16

then put reese in her xmas jammies.
xmas week17

xmas week18

xmas week19

aidan and sawyer had to go put the glitter'd reindeer food out front.
xmas week20

overexposed alert!!!
xmas week21

then we set up the cookies and milk by the fireplace :) see that "desk" area -- yeah, its time for those toys to go back up again, huh? we take them allllll to the gameroom and somehow some meander down again... sigh...
xmas week22

(pics from 22nd on GP blog!)

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