Monday, December 20, 2010

parties galore.

phew. i need to catch up. but this season has been busy! :)

last wednesday evening, we went over to our friends house to decorate xmas cookies! it was so much fun...
cookie party1

puff face.
cookie party2

cookie party4

cookie party5

she ate his head.
cookie party6

alex working hard :)
cookie party7

cookie party9

thursday was school parties :) first sawyer's at 11:45a.

making her nativity lol
school parties1

she wasnt in the mood i guess lol
school parties2

bulldog smile.
school parties3

school parties4

then at 1230p i went to aidan's chapel thing.

they asked her to hold up the bible :)
school parties5

school parties7

school parties8

how cute are those shirts they made :)
school parties9

reese and bella are besties.
school parties10

school parties11

school parties12

school parties13

friday - EJ and i got a fabulous sitter and went xmas shopping :) we hung up stockings, wrapped, and went to bed... late. yawn.

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