Saturday, December 11, 2010

reese is 7 months old.

yeah. i cant believe it myself.

at 7 months, reese:

*sits for a few seconds. more tripod.
*but she can get on her knees and rock. this is common for my kids though LOL they crawl before sitting.
*says "dadadadada"
*laughs and smiles all day.
*hates solid foods with a spoon. like locks her jaw. on every food.
*loves her sisters beyond belief. they can make her laugh without any effort.
*sleeps through the night - maybe wakes up 1 time, but then is out til 9am or later if that happens.
*sleeps on her belly most of the time.
*rarely cries. like i dont think ive ever seen her full out cry. she just whines if she wants something.
*doesnt use a paci anymore. i have one in her room, but its raaaare she'll take it.

7mo candid1

7mo candid2

7mo candid3

7mo candid4

7mo candid5

7mo candid6

A and S decorated cookies with me today.
cookie decorating1

cookie decorating2

cookie decorating3


  1. how do you get your babies to be such great sleepers who sleep in?!? do you have a secret?

  2. such sweet photos! :) love the kissy one!

  3. haha i have no idea, anon. maybe they are just moving all day and that helps? lol maybe they are just lazy in the morns ;)