Monday, December 27, 2010

they're on a boat.

come on. you know the song.

well first sawyer was silly.
after bath1

ok let me explain this. this was hanging in my closet. up high LOL she found it and thought it was the most beautiful dress she'd ever seen. in case i wasnt laughing hard enough - she took the underwear that match it (and were hanging from the hanger with it) and put it on her neck and said "wow, this is a nice necklace".

after bath2

then they got in the laundry basket and said they were on a boat. lol
after bath3

after bath4

nope! gotta wrestle!
after bath5


  1. Oh my god that picture is priceless. To be fair to your little girl, it does look like a very pretty dress :)

  2. hahah it does. its true. she was a princess! LOL