Wednesday, December 8, 2010

xmas minis and sisterly randoms.

i wanted to bring out the green paper on monday to play a bit since i have xmas minis this coming wkend :)

xmas minis1

xmas minis2

cindy loo who.
xmas minis3

xmas minis4

xmas minis5

xmas minis6

xmas minis7

so its official that reese is getting on her knees now. she already moves around the house by rolling and going backward. then she did this. (pardon her clothes LOL her shirt was drooly but pants were clean still)
on knees1

she was proud of herself!
on knees2

funny face.
on knees3

and, sigh, A and S. sawyer says "make me cozy aidan?" and A will come over and wrap her up and cuddle her. (lol at sawyer's funny bulldog smile)
cuddle me1

sometimes sawyer says "i lay on your belly?" bc this is what she does with me.
cuddle me2

and sometimes before bed, they bump bellies. LOL (see how aidan is 1/2 way on her way to being ready for bed and sawyer's still all dressed? S is such a pistol)
cuddle me3

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