Saturday, January 8, 2011

around the house. and new lens.

so i got my new lens today. im in love. (sigma 85 1.4)

these pics dont do it justice, but drool.
85 tub1

85 tub2

85 tub3


this was my FB status for the hair pics.

so. aidan is helping do sawyer's hair. i think. i see sawyer in the chair. aidan has a brush in her hand and then SPITS INTO SAWYER'S HAIR to fix it. wtf. she thinks thats the same as water and curl cream?! ::twitch::


around the house3

around the house4

(like that brush? its an old one that has a broken handle that i brought out bc "its the brush that never hurts!!!" lol)

around the house5

around the house6

around the house7

thursday. tired and cranky.
around the house1

around the house2

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  1. I love Sawyers face in the third picture - made me LOL. :)