Thursday, January 27, 2011

how close.

how close am i in my house with my 85mm? well lets find out lol

crazy w 85mm1

crazy w 85mm2

crazy w 85mm3

tuesday i had a shoot :)

wednesday - trying the kitchen lol

sawyer wants to get away.
crazy w 85mm4

crazy w 85mm5

cookies! but i cant seem to back further than my fridge.
crazy w 85mm6

crazy w 85mm7

ouch! look at those horrible pinlights from my speedlite. yuck!
crazy w 85mm8

aidan's new squinkie bracelet!!
crazy w 85mm9

crazy w 85mm10

crazy w 85mm11

reese's face. lmao
crazy w 85mm12

her first sippy!
crazy w 85mm13

today. bad light, but aidan got into my closet lol
crazy w 85mm14

crazy w 85mm15

yes. my tree is still up. ass.
crazy w 85mm16


  1. It seems that Sawyer's hair has grown very fast, huh? And how Reese is big!
    Aw, your girls are really cute.


  2. I am thinking of leaving my tree up till dec 2011.

  3. I agree with Barbara about Sawyer's hair. Your girls are so pretty! I love Reese's face in the high chair pic--she looks like she's plotting something mischievous!

  4. my stockings are still hung by the chimney with care and my upstairs tree is up with no ornaments. we have to keep our priorities straight

  5. hahaha we took the tree down today!! YAYYYY!!

    and yes - her hair is so long!

    thanks guys <3