Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new car and dead grass.

woohoo we got a new car. ok. EJ did. lol

new car1

new car2

playing in it.
new car3

new car4

she got a bit sad after this when she realized she cant GO anywhere sitting like that lol
new car5

aidan wanted to be like me. LOL but then didnt want to smile when i got the camera.
towel head1

towel head2

today at the park.
1-19-11 park-1 copy

1-19-11 park-2 copy

1-19-11 park-3 copy

1-19-11 park-4 copy

1-19-11 park-5 copy

1-19-11 park-6 copy

1-19-11 park-7 copy

1-19-11 park-8 copy

1-19-11 park-9 copy

1-19-11 park-10 copy

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  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeet ride! ;) And love the pictures from today--- the swing one is my fave