Saturday, January 15, 2011

playing with my newest lens.

well first. today we put reese up to stand and play with sawyer (these are with my 30mm)
reese standing1

reese standing2

then i decided to play with the sigma 85 1.4 i just got last week or so.

snapping a few to figure out my distance in the gameroom lol this thing makes you moooove back.
85mm fun1

85mm fun2

85mm fun3

85mm fun4

i was trying to get a pic of the giraffe she and EJ made, but she made a silly face in the background lol
85mm fun5

85mm fun6

85mm fun7, reesey? lol
85mm fun8

ok, lets play!
85mm fun9

85mm fun10

85mm fun11

sawyer put her "hoots" on after her shower.
85mm fun12

drinking up her meds.
85mm fun13

85mm fun14

i just wanted to add this pic to show what the speedlite looks like in her eyes. lol made me giggle. it looks like a light saber ;)
85mm fun15

this picture doesnt do much. but i focused on her eyelashes, okay?
85mm fun16

cropped. drool.
85mm fun17


  1. Ok, I cant take it...Im drooling. I love this lens, your girls and their eyes. love.

  2. drooling here too! Amazing photos.