Friday, January 14, 2011

reese is 8 months and bonus.

so on monday i had to take some etsy promo shots for abbycove so i decided to throw reese's 8 month shoot in there too :)

first, my good little models.


at reese's dr appt a week or so ago? she was 16.5lbs :)
reese 8 mo1

reese 8 mo2

reese 8 mo3

her eyes. swoon. my fave.
reese 8 mo4

reese 8 mo5

reese 8 mo6

aaaannnnd my not so good model LOL i thought the bow would be fun!! apparently, all things seamless are outtakes for sawyer.

tuesday, i did a 1 year shoot - that'll be up on the GP blog soon.

wednesday - reese's crawling has made her consider bad choices.
dog bowl1

yesterday. cry. i got so sick (aidan, too. dr today. we feel a ton better). but this was all i needed last night.

today. i heard them trying to let the dogs out. LOL they were making "opening the door" a team effort. too bad the sneaky high top lock was locked ;)
letting dogs out1

letting dogs out2

reese tonight. the first is one of my new headbands from erin. i wanted to try ONE on reese. lol
reese silly1

and me being silly with her.
reese silly2

reese silly3


  1. So precious! Where did you get your backdrop for the Etsy shoot? I need to look into that...soon! And, I love how the backdrop looks like glass! Sometimes it gets a little too cold to go outside, so some indoor (more professional) photos would be nice. Did you use a stand, or is that taped to the wall? These little girls are so amazing. You are very blessed.


  2. thanks guys!

    andie - that is seamless paper and plexi. on my other blog - i show my set up with wood

    but this time i just used plexi glass and then cloned out all of the lines :) its on a stand and clamped at the top!

  3. Wow, thank you. This really helped a ton! And, thanks for stopping by!