Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all cooped up.

omg this week.

so for tues, today, and possibly tomorrow, because of ice, i havent been able to leave the house. its horrible for us LOL we leave every day -- when i tell aidan about it in the morning on tues, this is the convo we have.

aidan: its snowing!!
me: yeah, but not the "play" kind of snow. its tooooo cold for that. there's no school and no gym today!
aidan: what?! no target?
me: nope!
aidan: no walmart? no chikfila?

see. we leave. she knows this. so we have been like caged animals trying to pass the time LOL

monday night. aidan's hair. this looks like a cell pic. but it was night. and my SL batteries died. lol
2011 cooped up16

yesterday, i set aidan up for some hat product shots for renee.

winter hats1

winter hats2

winter hats3


my skinny minnie lol
2011 cooped up1

sawyer sometimes puts panties on backward. and its not comfy lol
2011 cooped up2

lasagna face.
2011 cooped up3

today while A and S were doing crafts.
2011 cooped up4

no. i didnt deem it necessary to do her hair.
2011 cooped up5

or hers.
2011 cooped up7

2011 cooped up6

2011 cooped up8

2011 cooped up9

getting silly.
2011 cooped up10

sisterly love.
2011 cooped up11

2011 cooped up12

2011 cooped up13

why not pass the time with some somersaults on the couch? look how dry the house is!! lol
2011 cooped up14

2011 cooped up15

sunday - a friend's party pics up later on GP blog!!


  1. Okay, 3 pictures up. Sawyer's nest. I can't even. It's worse than KATE'S lol.

  2. the snow is killing us! it's against the law for texas to be this damn cold!!

  3. Awesome... I like Reese's shirt. :D

  4. I'm staring at reese's pic when ... wait! two teeth? how cute! it seems that yestertay she was a toothless baby. lol

  5. Um, OMG, Sawyer's hair. My head hurts just thinking about how painful that must have been to comb out.