Friday, February 4, 2011

another snow day. sigh.

i tried to do some with diff processing to keep me entertained.

after 3 days of being iced in. last night/today we got about 5"+ of snow.

then we went to chikfila. bc i had to. HAD TO. get out.

EJ thought this was funny. ;)
2-4-11 snow day1

snowballs for sawyer.
2-4-11 snow day2

2-4-11 snow day3

and now aidan!!
2-4-11 snow day4

2-4-11 snow day5

2-4-11 snow day6

2-4-11 snow day7

snow angel fall...
2-4-11 snow day8

2-4-11 snow day9

2-4-11 snow day10

2-4-11 snow day11

2-4-11 snow day12


  1. I don't think I ever even bought a winter coat for my daughter when we lived in Texas. What is going ON there? (These are adorable, also. I love Aidan's fall - so graceful!)

  2. the jacket aidan has on is from EJ's dad :) sawyer has a matching one, but i'll be damned to fight her over that when she wants her "monkiesssss!!!!"

  3. Those are so fun... and I'm so happy to hear that you got to go to CFA!!! Hope you topped it off with a cookie shake. :D

  4. Great action shots! Looks like fun.

  5. I love Sawyer's jacket! It looks so stinkin cute on her.... and I love love the picture of aidan laying in the snow :)

  6. Ok so you need to enter the second to last picture of Aiden into a contest! It is just plain beautiful! LOVE them all tho ;)

  7. same have been out since shots here!

  8. So precious! Great shots!

    PS - Be sure to stop by my blog to claim your blog award!

  9. I nominated you for the stylish blogger award. Check it out on my Blog :)