Wednesday, February 23, 2011

being an adult.

is so lame.

first let me start off with adorableness from tonight.

bathtime sillies

now on to the LAME...

things i have been excited about this week.

EJ put this thing up in the garage to hold the big fan so itd be nice out there when he's working but then he can take it down, too.
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on monday, EJ painted the bathroom. omfg. faint, right? we went with a light tan. AND he put our new print up over the tub <3 bathroom print1

not so lame -- the girls got silly string in a party bag from this wkend LOL awesome.
silly string1

silly string2

silly string3

silly string4

silly string5

i dont know why this one is edited diff LOL i must have hit a preset.
silly string6

now, back to lame-o-land. i was SUPER excited about our new TP holder. LOL
new TP

annnnd back to the cute older 2 tonight in the tub.
bathroon closeups2

bathroon closeups4

bathroon closeups5


  1. I know the feeling! LOL I asked for curtains for Christmas and I was SO excited. Next on the agenda...doorknobs. :)

  2. dude. i cant wait to buy all new doorknobs!!! but whenever i count how many i need - i want to cry LOL

  3. ok, that print of the girls in your newly painted bathroom, is to DIE for!!!! love it! <3