Monday, February 14, 2011

cell pics and vday party.

thurs. after dinner. she looks so old. (cell, obvs)
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friday. date night! we went to dinner at tejas de brazil and then headed over the addison improv to see bryan callen. tons of fun :)
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sat/sunday - i had shoots. :)

today - aidan's vday party at school.

this morning.
2011 valentines1

2011 valentines2

2011 valentines3

2011 valentines4

2011 valentines5

the baby station. lol
2011 valentines6

2011 valentines7

2011 valentines8

after about 8 hershey kisses.
2011 valentines9

decorating cookies.
2011 valentines10

2011 valentines11

2011 valentines12

2011 valentines13

2011 valentines14

2011 valentines15

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  1. OMG! I can't get over how big Aidan looks in the first picture -- it's like a quick snapshot of what she's going to look like two or three years from now!!!! Pretty girls <3