Sunday, February 20, 2011

fisheye and parties.

so starting from last thursday - donuts with dad :)

aidan had to wear a tie.
random outfits1

EJ went with aidan and my dad went with sawyer (since EJ couldnt do both). sawyer wouldnt wear a tie, but she did eat, like 8, donuts LOL

aidan after nap.
random outfits2

random outfits3

random outfits4

sawyer wanted to play.
random outfits5

we brought out the fisheye attachment. pardon its shitty-ness. it goes on my kit lens, but dang its funny.
1st day1

1st day2

1st day3

1st day4

1st day5

1st day7

1st day8

this is where i put reese when i have to make dinner lol you can also see (thanks, fisheye!) how the house looks after nap/before bed. sigh.
1st day9

she seems to like it ;)
1st day10

1st day11

annnnnd on friday.
2nd day1

2nd day2

nice halloween candy stash, huh? lol
2nd day3

saturday was filled with TWO parties that aidan went to :) so much fun.

first one was another princes party!!
lizzie's party1

lizzie's party2

lizzie's party3

lizzie's party4

lizzie's party5

lizzie's party7

lizzie's party9

lizzie's party10

lizzie's party11

this is totally OOF. lolol but i didnt have another one like it. damn.
lizzie's party12

lizzie's party13

blowing her nails.
lizzie's party14

lizzie's party16

lizzie's party18

lizzie's party20

lizzie's party21

lizzie's party22

lizzie's party23

making her own lipgloss!!
lizzie's party24

2 seconds after this, the girl that works there says "so who can show us a princess pose?" and aidan shot up, put her hands on her hips, and then sat down. lol
lizzie's party25

lizzie's party26

lizzie's party27

lizzie's party34

her second party was at a gym!! how fun!!
ava's party2

ava's party4

ava's party6

rofl - omg now watch the next pics. i was giggling so much.
ava's party8

ava's party9

ava's party10

ava's party11

ava's party12

ava's party13

ava's party14

ava's party15

ava's party16

ava's party17

ava's party18

ava's party19

and now i need a pic from today.

hope you enjoyed!!


  1. i love your pics :) ALWAYS! Love the gymnastic're gonna have a heart breaker! lol

  2. Those are so fun! You could make the sweetest storyboard for her room with all those princess party pictures.

  3. Beautiful girls! LOVE the princess pictures!

  4. I love all of these.:) Looks like she had a great time at both parties!