Saturday, February 26, 2011


so i am trying to stay on top of things and got these from ikea last wkend.

the plan, in the end, is for them to hold client print and package choices. for 3 months at a time.


buuut tonight. we gave reese noodles and sauce. the 2 things babies LOVE, but moms hate to clean.

you can see she tried to use her hands to grab and turn around in the highchair - the chair itself is a wreck!

reese sketti1

reese sketti2

reese sketti3

reese sketti4

and for a fun comparison -- her is SAWYER circa sept 2009 (do not judge photo or editing skills LOL you can tell my "bath" pics have gotten, um, better lol)
sawyer sketti bath redo

oh - and one of aidan. same age as reese.

and sawyer had a cookie after dinner. and apparently got into a light socket. (ok really her ponytail did this, but whatevs).
sawyer choco1

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